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FUJI Bed Elevator

FUJIHD is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of FUJI bed elevator and hospital elevator .

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Product Details

FUJIHD is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of FUJI bed elevator and hospital elevator .

1. Introduction

Used to transport the bed (including patients) and medical equipment elevator , mainly set up in the hospital, etc, its characteristic is deadweight and capsules area is too small, otherwise the shipment will not be able to rescue equipment such as hospital bed and oxygen bottles, infusion bag or bottle rack.

2. Advantage

● Comfortable requirements for patients in the elevator environment of Fuji bed elevator;

● Fuji bed elevators safety system is required to be high; (double safety system: double safety tongs or two-way safety tongs, two-way speed limiters. The patient can't stand the trouble.

● The emergency demand for power failure of Fuji bed lifts is high; (in case of a power failure, the patient can be evacuated quickly in the elevator)

● The performance price of Fuji bed lift is better; (hospitals are now undergoing restructuring, especially after China's entry into the WTO, foreign hospitals and private hospitals should consider investment costs.)

● Applicability, with safety and utility as the choice of basic concepts.

● Selection of ladders: we can choose the machine room and hydraulic medical elevator to facilitate the design and construction.

3. Specification

Standard machine room bed elevator Technical Data Sheet


m /s

Car dimension
CW *CD *CH (m m )

Door size
JJ*H H (m m )

Shaft size

Max floor

Max. travel height
TH(m )

shaft w idth* shaft depth AH *BH (m m )

O H (m m )

pit depth
PD (m m )

M in floor space
m m

(21 Persons)



1200 *2100


















the above for the civil diagram, detailed dimensions see construction plans, specific to the technical department to provide construction


4. Application

designed for delivery of hospital beds, stretchers, medical car elevator, cab long and narrow.

FUJI Bed Elevator manufacturer

5. Service

● Warranty period: the purchase, installation and related service items of fuji bed elevator equipment provide the product warranty period of 24 months from the date of acceptance. As a concessional condition, we will add 12 months of product quality warranty service.

● Urgent repair time: 1. Provide 24-hour emergency repair service within the warranty period, and send maintenance personnel to the site within 30 minutes after receiving the notice of repair, and troubleshooting and resume operation. If there is a major task, send someone to the on-site tracking service.

● training plan: in order to carry out simple user unit in the future of fuji bed lifts equipment daily maintenance, operation and management, we can be in the fuji bed lift installation, commissioning and acceptance of user units related in the process of free on-site guidance and training for the staff

If you are interested in any of our FUJI bed elevator or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

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