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FUJIHD is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of FUJI bed elevator and Fuji hospital elevator . 1、Introduction of fuji hospital elevator Fuji hospital elevator service to specified floor type lifting equipment. It has a car,...

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FUJIHD is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of FUJI bed elevator and Fuji hospital elevator .

1. Introduction

Fuji hospital elevator service to specified floor type lifting equipment. It has a car, running on at least two columns of the vertical or Angle is less than 15 ° between the rigidity of rail. Capsules size and structure is convenient for passengers.

2. The fuji hospital elevator control system is mainly functional specification

● Maintenance operation: the fuji hospital elevator is in the maintenance state, the system cancels automatic operation and automatic door operation. Press the (lower) line button to allow the fuji hospital elevators to run (down) at the speed point. Release the button elevator and stop running immediately.

● Direct docking: based on distance, the automatic operation generates a smooth curve from start to stop, without crawling, and stops directly at the horizontal position.

● Optimal curve: the automatic generation system can operate according to the distance that needs to be run, and automatically calculates the curve that is best suited to the principle of man-machine function. There is no limit of number, and it is not restricted by the short floor.

● Self-rescue horizontal operation: when the fuji hospital lift is in non-maintenance mode, it is not parked in the flat zone. At this point, as long as the safety requirements are met, the fuji hospital lifts elevator will automatically run to the nearest flat area and then open the door.

● Driver operation: the driver can be operated by the control box toggle switch. The fuji hospital lifts can be run by the driver in the direction and other functions (such as the direct drive function) and the electric ladder is closed under the condition that the driver continues to press the door button.

● Fire return base station: after receiving the fire alarm signal, the fuji hospital lift no longer responds to any call and the internal selection instructions of his floor, and the fastest way to run to the fire station is to open the door and stop the ladder.

● Automatic return base station: when there is no internal instruction or call of the layer station, the escalator automatically returns to the base station to wait for passengers.

● Well parameter self-learning: before the first operation, the system needs to learn the parameters of the well path, including the height of each layer, the forced deceleration switch and the position of the limit switch.

● Lock ladder function: automatic operation state, after the lock ladder switch action, eliminate all call registration. Then return to the lockstep base station and open the door automatically. After that, stop the electric ladder running, and close the car and the fan. When the lock ladder switch is reset, the elevator starts to enter the normal service state again.

3. Specification

Standard machine room fuji hospital elevator Technical Data Sheet

Technical requirements and parameters of fuji hospital elevator:

● Product name: medical elevator.

● Rated capacity: > 1600kg.

● Driving mode: traction type.

● Operating speed: greater than 1.0m/s.

● Control mode: full set selection control, VVVF frequency modulation and speed adjustment.

● Floor gate: two medical elevators (1600kg) : 6 floors 6, 6 doors; Three medical elevators (1600kg) : 5 floors 5, 5 doors; Passenger lift 1:5, 5, 5.

● Open door mode: medium.

● Door size: fuji hospital elevator is more than 1200mm (wide) by 2100 mm (high); Passenger lift is greater than 900mm (wide) by 2100 mm (high).

● Open door mode :(VVVF) system. *10. Net size of the car: the net size of the medical elevator car: more than 1400 mm (width) x 2400 mm (deep); The net size of passenger elevator car: not more than 1600 mm (width) x 1400 mm (deep).

● Permanent magnet synchronous tractor and control system: select the high quality brand products manufactured by the manufacturer.

● Operation mode: there is/no driver control.

● Power supply: AC380V/50HZ, three-phase five-wire system. Lighting power: AC220V/50HZ, single-phase three-wire system.

4. Application

Suitable for hospitals, nursing homes and other buildings.

FUJI Hospital Elevator manufacturer

5. Quality assurance and after-sales service:

● The quality and technical standards of the fuji hospital elevator shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the bidding documents and tender documents.

● Fuji elevator shall provide party a with new fuji hospital lift that meets the quality requirements without use according to the equipment performance and quality standard stipulated in the contract.

● After the fuji hospital lifts l transported to the construction site, the Fuji elevator shall bear all the responsibilities of custody before the completion and acceptance.

● The quality guarantee period of Fuji elevator shall be installed at the site, and shall be delivered to party a for 24 months after the inspection and acceptance by relevant departments. The Fuji elevator shall be responsible for the repair and replacement of spare parts for free during the warranty period due to the failure of the fuji hospital lifts itself and the quality of the installation. For those who do not meet the requirements, the parties may, through consultation, deal with the following:

① return processing

② replacement equipment shall be borne by party b for all expenses incurred thereby.

③ depreciation treatment

● During the commissioning phase of the equipment, party b shall dispatch on-site service personnel in a timely manner according to the requirements of party a, handle the relevant quality technical problems and install and debug the technicians.

● In case of any quality problems or other faults during the use, party b shall be in after receiving the notice from party a.

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