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Fujihd hospital elevator manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of hospital elevator. If you are interested in any of hospital elevator would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

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Fujihd hospital elevator manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of hospital elevator.

1. Introduction

Hospital elevator, for the transport of hospital bed, stretcher, medical car design elevator, the car has long and narrow characteristics.

A vertical lift, powered by an electric motor, is fitted with a box-like pod. Service on the fixed floor of the fixed lifting equipment. It has a car that runs between at least two vertical rigid rails.

2. Specification

● Complete set selection control function.

● Slow self-rescue operation function.

● Automatic door opening function.

● Function of fault history recording.

● Door opening function outside the hall.

● Closing button is closed in advance.

● Door button opening function.

● Repeat the door function.

● Docking function

● light screen protection function.

● direct docking function.

● Function of fault history recording.

● to station clock function.

● Automatic return to base station function.

● Driver operation function.

● Driver priority function.

● driver button direct drive function.

● Independent operation function.

● Service function of lock ladder.

● 21 fire protection function

● Error instruction cancel function.

● When waiting for the elevator, the interior lighting, fan automatic power off function.

● Function by date.

● Run the function by week.

● Operation time timeout protection function.

● 27 button to prevent jamming.

● Humanized liquid crystal display interface operator function.

● Speed setting and feedback curve display function.

● Maintain the automatic control function of the opening time

● The data self - learning function of the 31 well level floor.

● Any set function of the service layer.

● The 33 floor display character of any set function.

● The 34 point Chen type floor display function.

● The scrolling display function of the moving line.

● Automatic correction function of 36 floor position signal.

● The function of protective measures cannot be opened outside the gate area.

● Automatic cancellation function in reverse.

● Overload protection device function.

● 40 reverse operation protection function.

● Anti-skid protection function.

● Protection function of anti-slip vehicle.

● The protection function of the protection terminal.

● Safety contactor relay contact detection and protection function.

● The fault protection function of the governor.

● Main control CPU, WDT protection function.

● Power over voltage and undervoltage protection.

● The telephone function of the five parties.

● 49 parallel control function.

● At the same time, the lower limit and lower limit are disconnected.

● Motor rotation direction and instruction inconsistent protection function.

● 52 fast and slow vehicle detection and protection function.

● No pulse counting protection function.

● Forced door opening function.

3. Standard machine roomless hospital elevator Technical Data Sheet


m /s

Car dimension
CW *CD *CH (m m )

Door size
JJ*H H (m m )

Shaft size

Max floor

Max. travel height
TH(m )

shaft w idth* shaft depth AH *BH (m m )

O H (m m )

pit depth
PD (m m )

M in floor space
m m

(21 Persons)



1200 *2100


















the above for the civil diagram, detailed dimensions see construction plans, specific to the technical department to provide construction


4. Application

Bed lift, common in medicine, is used to transport beds (including patients) elevator of medical equipment, mainly set up in the hospital, etc.

Hospital Elevator manufacturer

5. The hospital elevator control system is mainly functional specification:

● Full straight: in automatic driver running state, when the load in the car (usually 80 ℅ of rated load), the hospital elevator does not respond after the call outside the hall. However, the external call can still be registered at this time, and will be served at the next run time (single ladder), or by other services (group control).

● Lighting and fan power saving function: when the setting time is exceeded, there is no internal instruction and the call of the floor station, and the power supply such as lighting and fan is automatically cut off.

● Automatic correction: capsules hospital Elevators each run to the end station position, the system automatically according to the first level switch forced to slow down to check and correct the location of capsules, and auxiliary special forced slowdown deceleration eliminate crouch header and fault.

● Error order cancellation: the passenger can use the method of two consecutive press buttons to cancel the instruction of the last error registration in the control box.

● Reverse automatic cancellation: when the hospital lift is running to the terminal floor or the running direction changes, all reverse orders registered before this will be automatically cancelled.

● Repeat the door: after the elevator has been closed for a certain period of time, if the door lock is not closed, the hospital lifts will open automatically and then repeat the door.

● Outside the hall door: if there is no other instruction or outside call, if the cage stops at a certain floor and press the call button outside the floor, the cage door will open automatically.

● The closing button is closed in advance: the elevator is in the mode of automatic operation. When the door is open, it can close the door and close the door in advance to improve the efficiency.

● Open the door to hold the button: the elevator is delayed, and the goods can be transported easily.

If you are interested in any of hospital elevator would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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