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Car Lift

FUJIHD is one of the professional car elevator manufacturers & suppliers in China. If you are interested in any of our car lift or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

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FUJIHD is one of the professional car elevator manufacturers& suppliers in China。

1. Introduction

Due to the scarcity of land resources, parking Spaces, certainly will have to find a way to develop toward high, toward the space elevator has become the only transportation tool, to solve the problem of urban transportation, the car elevator from dream to reality, to transport the elevator car - "car elevators", because of this car lift is a kind of special elevator to solve the problem of automobile vertical transportation

2. Advantage

● The car elevator can save 80% of the building area and more than twice the efficiency of the car.

●To meet the inter-storey lifting equipment of the passenger car, usually the carrying weight is divided into 3000kg, 4000kg and 5000kg, and the speed is 0.25-0.5m/s.

●the car elevators is generally divided into two types according to its driving mode: the hydraulic car lift and the machine room traction car elevator. The hydraulic car lifts is safe and reliable, convenient and flexible, etc.

●suitable for lifting height within 25 meters and below 6 floors. With the development of the traditional tractor elevator, the tractor-trailer car elevator is characterized by its mature technology and high cost performance.

●the car elevator quality is excellent, safe and durable, the performance is advanced, the operation is simple. "The path of ascension, solentha knows" is designed to bring a value experience to the customer.

3. Specification

Standard machine room car elevator Technical Data Sheet


Speed:0.25 m/s、0.5 m/s

Opening size:2400mm*2400 mm、2600 mm *2400 mm

Car size:2500mm*5700mm*2500 mm 、3400mm*5700mm**2500 mm

Shaft size :4100mm*6300mm、4650mm*6300mm

Machine room size:4100*6300*3000、4650*6300*3000

Pit :1500mm


FUJI Car Lift Car Lift

4. Application

"The car is suitable for the elevator of the small passenger car", which belongs to the freight elevator in the special equipment catalog. It has been widely used in car 4S stores, maintenance workshops and large shopping malls and supermarkets with parking lots.

Car Lift

5. Service

●The maintenance service concept of Fuji elevator company: whole-heartedly, all-directional, system-wide, whole-process, all-weather service for every Fuji elevator user.

●Car elevator maintenance and maintenance organization: in recent years, we have insisted on "user-centered", and continuously increased the investment in the global elevator maintenance network. At present, Fuji elevator co., LTD. Has established 36 branches and more than 500 maintenance stations throughout the country, forming a nationwide network of maintenance and maintenance. Thousands of maintenance staff, hundreds of professional and technical personnel, equipped with advanced and complete maintenance of special tools and testing instruments, the year 365 days, 24 hours on standby, to make sure that you in the shortest possible time to enjoy the most convenient and satisfactory service

●The rolling introduction and development of advanced maintenance technology is a set of elevator remote maintenance and monitoring system introduced by Fuji elevator co., LTD from Fuji electric building technology services company of Japan. The system via remote information collection and analysis of the car lift the problems existed in the early warning, and to get out in advance, to ensure the long term car elevators uninterrupted continuous run normally, truly achieve the Fuji elevator 24-hour all-weather, omni-directional tracking service, implements the care of customers all the time.

●maintenance quality supervision and spot check Fuji elevator co., LTD., is equipped with independent installation and maintenance of technical quality department, according to the car elevator maintenance work schedule, and make "maintenance quality inspection plan", a month of maintenance personnel work, work efficiency, on-site service specification and quality

If you are interested in any of our car lift or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

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