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Classic Case

Residential Solutions

East Purple Garden

Residential building

Completion Time2012
LocationChina Anhui
Solution102 units without machine room elevator, 69 small engine room elevator

East Purple Park project for the first joint fleet of Huizhou Merchants - Nanxiang Wan Shang Anhui Logistics Industry Co., Ltd.'s company - million business home in Wuhu development of high-end ecological conservation housing, the total construction of about 48 million square meters. Project is located in Wanchun West Road and Jiuhua North Road Interchange 500 meters east, only 10 minutes from the city's core area by car, guarding the Wuhu Jiujiang District government core plate, close to the Wuhu District, exclusive government dual-core dual city quality resources, Supporting the perfect, enjoy the old city supporting mature public transport, shopping centers, farms, schools, medical institutions, at the same time Chengdong New District plate in the future planning of the rich municipal resources in close proximity. Hengda Fuji to ergonomic as a benchmark for the East Park to provide safe, comfortable and elegant passenger elevator, to facilitate the daily travel of residents of the East Park.


Hotel Solutions

Beirut Badaro Buliding

Hotel Solutions

Completion Time2012
LocationLebanon Beirut
Solution21 free engine room elevator, 8 small machine room freight elevator, 10 escalators

Beirut Badaru Hotel is located in Beirut overlooking the Mediterranean Sea wide promenade - the seaside promenade, for the rest of the world's royal family members, celebrities and dignitaries to provide comfortable accommodation. It offers sea views, a terrace, a bar and on-site private parking. Some rooms have a rest for guests to relax in. Hengda Fuji designers for the project specifically designed to build a unique new, beautiful appearance, taste refined and outstanding design, both to meet the needs of passengers and passenger ladder function, but also make the building more beautiful and beautiful.


Market Solutions

Lao Lake Luang Lake

Market Solutions

Completion Time2012
LocationLao Lake Luang Lake
Solution16 free engine room elevators, 52 escalators

La Lanta Lake Lu Lake project is a set of catering retail, leisure and entertainment, tourism, a variety of architectural style hotel complex and hotel-style apartments and other formats as one of the large urban complex. Planning to borrow the project around the river landscape environment resources, the integration of convenient traffic around the reasonable organization of the internal flow system, to create the theme of the project features to cater to the overall development orientation of Vientiane Metro. Building in the space design of the financial landscape, satisfied with the formation of high-end characteristics of catering, leisure and entertainment, tourism, cultural display, brand shopping and resort hotels, hotel apartments as one of the pleasant fashion district.
Hengda Fuji a large number of the introduction of advanced elevator control technology, the system control more reasonable, accurate and efficient, so that the rationalization of shopping malls without congestion. And the use of the latest environmentally friendly manufacturing technology, safety devices and signal devices, so that the elevator energy saving and environmental protection.


Office Building Solutions

Office Building

Office Building Solutions

Completion Time2012
Solution38 units without machine room elevator

Chi Chi Ma Building by luxury commercial and residential complex design, covers an area of 4995 square meters, with a total construction area of 51,780 square meters, the total building height of 102.8 meters. Building with its magnificent, magnificent and highly modern shape, for a lot of horse to add a landscape. The exterior design highlights the European classical elegance and modern tastes combined to the ancient Roman pillars and valleys combined system as a symbol, through the lines of the characteristics of its magnificent appearance, to the level of space, shape and combination of performance of the magnificent building , Commemorative. Hengda Fuji for the project to provide efficient energy-saving environmental protection of the elevator, equipped with automatic shunt system and safety devices to meet the crowds of office buildings.


Villa Solutions

Youshan Beauty Resort Area

Villa Solutions

Completion Time2012
LocationShandong China
Solution8 villas lift

Youshanmei club and villa are Shandong Luneng Group investment, Yushan beauty villa covers an area of 1000 acres, now a total of 455 villas and 80 apartments. Youshan beautiful traffic convenient and smooth, close to Beijing Shun Road, Beijing for high-speed, high-speed airport, instantly accessible the capital airport or the city center business district.

Hengda Fuji uphold the world's top technology in the field of elevator, heritage of international classic design concept, designed with a harmonious home and clean, bright car space for the family to add life to meet the needs of households of high quality of life.

Hospital Solutions

Chongqing Yubei District People'S HospitalHospital Solutions
Completion Time2012
LocationChina Chongqing
Solution20 small engine room elevators, 14 free engine room elevators, 12 escalators

Yubei District People's Hospital of Chongqing Municipality is a comprehensive national secondary hospital with more than 60 years history of hospital building, medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care. It is the medical service technical guidance center and medical emergency center. The hospital has 400 active employees, including 320 medical technicians, 5 senior titles, 56 senior titles, 92 intermediate titles, 10 graduate students, 265 beds in the hospital, the actual open beds 360. The annual outpatient amount of more than 25 million people, the annual treatment of inpatients more than 20,000 cases. Hengda Fuji for the project using mature control technology, energy saving and environmental protection permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction system, in the design of the maximum extent to meet the hospital a variety of special requirements for the patient to create a caring, comfortable space to assist the medical Personnel efficient and quick to complete the sacred mission.

Public Facilities Solutions

Muscat International AirportPublic Facilities solutions
Completion Time2012
LocationOman Muscat
Solution16 cargo ladder

The Seeb International Airport (three-character code: MCT; four words: OOMS) (formerly known as Sibu International Airport) is a major airport in Muscat, Oman. The airport is the hub of Oman Airways. 30 km from the old Muscat and 15 km from the main residential area. The airport is expanding and modernizing. The airport will increase from $ 12 million to $ 48 million. Hengda Fuji use of computer control technology, the use of high-strength profiles of the design and manufacture of cars, in a variety of harsh environment for cargo transport work, and strict implementation of GB7588 "elevator manufacturing and installation safety norms" and all existing national standards, To ensure the safety of the elevator.