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Airport Walking Escalator

FUJIHD is one of the professional airport walking escalator manufacturers & suppliers in China.

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FUJIHD is one of the professional airport walking escalator manufacturers& suppliers in China。

1. Introduction

Rulvpingdi, enduring

Fuji airport walking escalator pedestrian road airport, into a new realm to simple and comfortable. It not only meets the huge transportation problem of human flow, but also meets the requirements of long distance walking and transporting luggage cart, baby carriage, shopping cart, handicapped car and so on, which greatly facilitates people's travel .

2. Advantage

● Save space

The structure is rigid and flexible. The short pedals greatly reduce the span of space, make the whole machine structure more compact, flexibly adapt to the architectural pattern, and save valuable architectural space for customers. The product specification series of horizontal and sloping type can make the customers choose freely according to their layout.

●Stable and reliable

Stable and reliable investment: the short pedals are directly linked to the transmission chain, the airport walking escalator runs more smoothly and smoothly, the whole machine life cycle is greatly extended, and the product maintenance is more convenient. The specially designed large roller handrails drive with low noise and high driving force, improve the operating conditions of the armrest, and make the service life of the armrest longer.  The unique rectangular square tube structure has a powerful load capacity, which greatly improves the stability of the whole machine operation and prolongs the service life of the product.

● Colourful and colorful

Colourful and colorful decoration effect: the handrails are varied in style and can meet the individual needs of different environments. Punching pattern front plate, beautiful and generous, more stereoscopic. High quality stainless steel is used inside and outside the cover plate.

● More economical

Economy: make full use of There is nothing comparable to this airport walking escalator advanced manufacturing process, greatly improving the product performance, extend the use of the machine cycle, the direct effect is to reduce the operating costs of customers, can choose the variable frequency drive technology, energy saving effect is remarkable, the most greatly reduce the operation cost of the whole machine.

● Design and modern style.

The design of the ladder rail with side ladders makes the entire ladder road fixed in the guide way, controls the swimming of the ladder Road, avoids the friction between the cascade and apron plates and the comb teeth, and facilitates installation, debugging and maintenance, and improves the running effect.

● High efficiency and energy saving

The variable frequency drive control can be used to control the running speed automatically according to the guest's flow. The energy saving effect is remarkable, the operation life of the equipment is improved and the running cost is reduced.

● Fuji for 30 meters -100 meters long, segmented bus 1.2 meters, 1.4 meters pedal 0 degrees automatic sidewalk prices, can provide the International Airport, shopping center, underground shopping malls, supermarkets, underground tunnels sidewalk elevator, as the domestic second tier German manufacturer of airport walking escalator staircase. The integral truss is welded by seamless rectangular steel tube, and its structure is better, and its deformation resistance is stronger. The outdoor escalator truss for overall design of hot dip galvanized antirust processing, according to the characteristics of outdoor factors, make the perfect response in various outdoor environment. Based on the GB16899-2011 standard, the PESSRAE safety circuit board is used to monitor the real-time safety failures of the safety protection devices such as escalator speed, cascade loss, escalator reversal, handrail speed measurement and other safety devices to ensure the safety of passengers. Over 6 meters above airport working escalator and public transport escalator standard disc brake additional brake, reliable braking force and stable braking process, to ensure the safety of passengers under emergency shutdown.

3. Application of the escalator

If it is to be used in the airport, it is convenient and quick to reach the destination .

Airport Walking Escalator manufacturer

If you are interested in any of airport walking escalator or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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