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Fuji elevator company is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of indoor escalator.

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Fuji elevator company is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of indoor escalator .

1. Introduction

Indoor escalator is composed of a special structure chain conveyor and two special structure belt conveyor. It has a circular movement ladder, which is used to transport passengers' fixed electric drive equipment between the different height of the building. A continuous conveying machine for a carrier.

2. Advantage

● Enable people to go up and down at any time without having to wait for certain time as an elevator, so that indoor escalator has the advantage of continuously and rapidly evacuating large numbers of people.

● The indoor escalator does not need to set up the machine room at the top of the building and consider the buffer pit at the bottom of the building. It takes less space than the elevator.

● when the failure occurs, the indoor escalator can be used as a general staircase, but it is not the weakness of the interruption when the elevator fails.

Indoor Escalator manufacturer

3. Product classification

1.1 Classification by armrest

●Fully transparent: the escalator with all transparent glass is used for the armrest wall panel. According to the shape of the glass, the indoor escalator can be further divided into the curved glass type and the flat glass type.

●Opaque: an indoor escalator made of an opaque metal or other material by an armrest wall panel. Because the handrail bracket is fixed on the upper part of the guard board, the handrail belt acts as a circular movement on the guide rail of the handrail bracket, so the stability of the opaque type is better than that of the full transparent type. It is mainly used for high level escalators, such as subway, station, wharf and so on.

●Semitransparent: refers to the handrail wall panel is translucent, such as the armrest panel with semitransparent glass and other materials.

For the armchair decoration, the transparent glass protective board has certain strength, its thickness should not be less than 6mm, and the transparent glass protective board has better decorative effect. Therefore, the escalator made of flat transparent glass is the overwhelming majority.

1.2 Classification by cascade drive

1) chain type: an escalator that drives a cascade of components to be a chain.

2) rack type: an escalator that drives a cascade of components to be a rack.

As the chain drive structure is simple and the manufacturing cost is low, most of the indoor escalators use chain driven structure at present.

1.3 Is classified by lifting height

1) small elevation escalator: lifting height of 3 ~ 10m;

2) the escalator in the elevation: the elevation of 10 to 45m;

3) escalator with high elevation: lifting height of 45 to 65m.

1.3 specifications

In accordance with the actual requirements, there can be a variety of specifications to be selected (according to the actual requirements).

1.4 implementation standards

GB16899-1997 "Safety Specification for the manufacture and installation of indoor escalator and automatic sidewalk"

JB/T8545 - 1997 "escalator cascade chain, accessories and sprocket"

The main technical requirements of 1.5 products

1) Raise the height of H

Elevation is the height of the building, the floor of the floor or the subway ground and the underground station with the indoor escalator.

For escalators with a tilt angle of 35 degrees, the height of the escalator should not exceed 6m.

2) Nominal width Z1

Nominal width refers to the nominal size of the cascade width, usually three specifications of 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm.

3) Rated speed v

The speed of the indoor escalator in the case of no load is the speed of the manufacturer's design and actual operation.

When the tilt angle of the escalator is less than 30 degrees, the rated speed should not exceed 0.75m/s, usually 0.5m/s, 0.65 m/s and 0.75 m/s.

The tilt angle of the indoor escalator is greater than 30 degrees, but not more than 35 degrees, its rated speed should not exceed 0.5m/s.

4) Tilt angle alpha

The maximum angle of the step direction and the horizontal plane, usually the tilt angle of the escalator is 30 degrees and 35 degrees two.

The tilt angle of the indoor escalator should not generally exceed 30 degrees. When the lifting height is not more than 6m and the rated speed is not more than 0.5m/s, the tilt angle alpha is allowed to increase to 35 degrees.

5) Theoretical transport capacity

The number of the escalator per hour theory conveyed, the press formula:

T...... (1)

Medium: T - Theoretical transport capacity (human /h);

- rated speed (

1.5 Design and selection of key points

The value for the commonly used width is:

When 1=0.6m, =1.0

When 1=0.8m, =1.5

When 1=1.0m, =2.0

The theoretical transport capacity calculated according to formula (1) is seen in the right table.

Theoretical transport capacity (human /h)

1.6 Design and selection of key points

General layout of 1.6.1 escalator

The transport capacity of escalator is closely related to its general layout. According to different requirements and reasonable layouts, the following basic layout forms should be adopted .

D Parallel parallel arrangement of

E cross layout

C single row overlapping arrangement

B single row continuous arrangement

A Single arrangement of

Overall arrangement of escalator

Note: A, B and C have three layout forms. They can only transport passengers between floors one time at the same time, so they are suitable for small shops and stations with small traffic volume.

The two forms of D and E can be used to transport passengers in two directions at the same time. It is suitable for large department stores with large passenger traffic.

If you are interested in any of indoor escalator or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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