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We are a professional manufacturer of different kinds of outdoor glass elevator and outdoor glass lift.If you are interested in any of outdoor glass elevators or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

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Product Details

We are a professional manufacturer of different kinds of outdoor glass elevator and outdoor glass lift.

1. Introduction

■ Specification: FHSO

■ Model: Outdoor glass elevator

■ Brand: FUJIHD

■ Package: Strengthen the standard wooden packing and shipping

■ Price: Negotiable

outdoor glass elevator manufacturer

2. Standard Function Description of functions

● Fuji edifice, for office buildings, high-grade office buildings, hotels, apartments in the community of 13 people 1000kg steel structure wells 1m/s outdoor glass elevator, can be customized 1T three sides surrounded by transparent glass curtain wall outdoor glass elevator manufacturers provide quotation for domestic second German sightseeing elevator factory, 32 double CPU high integration, master CPU mutual monitoring, improve the speed of data processing, more perfect function, high reliability. The car displacement detection technology with high accuracy, can achieve almost zero accuracy of zero level, so that the passengers and the car on. The expert self diagnosis system is embedded in the system to automatically diagnose the cause of the fault and to store and display the cause of the failure. The function expansion is convenient and simple.

● 1000kg steel structure wells 1m/s 1T outdoor glass elevator, glass elevator manufacturers offer customized elevator manufacturers, gearless machine: energy saving high efficiency and low noise and stable performance, the use of a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous technology, has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and low noise, stable performance, high power factor, effectively improve the operation efficiency to reduce energy costs, energy saving, high standard. Digital frequency conversion technology: advanced vector transformation technology can adjust speed in real time according to the requirements of human body comfort. The high-speed digital signal processing system is more sensitive and accurate to the speed control of the traction machine, and reduces the elevator vibration to the limit. The latest low noise control technology greatly reduces the noise of the elevator and makes the elevator run quiet and smooth.

● Remote monitoring function: through the wired or wireless communication module, we can monitor the elevator's running status and the elevator's passengers in the remote monitoring center in real time, so that we can get rid of the faults before they happen and ensure the safety of passengers. fuji series outdoor glass elevator, with the advanced control technology based on the application of full digital vector inverter drive and stepless speed regulation technology, then leisurely elegant, beautiful configuration has a Optima car decoration style.

● A simple, informal in shape the transcendent state of the atmosphere, Tiancheng, because vision is uncommon, intrinsic outdoor glass elevator Essence Aura; to state, the very people and fuji , outdoor elevator, leader selection; fuji outdoor glass elevator is the exquisite works of art, is inlaid with a jewel on the building facade, giving the building character and vitality, which adds one flow of beautiful landscape. Square, round, rhombus... A variety of styles are available, and new fashion, avant-garde cars and upholstery are constantly introduced to meet your diverse visual requirements. When night fell, reflecting in the neon lights under the next shuttle run sightseeing car became a city the eye-catching scenery, but also the design concept of "safe, stable, beautiful and harmonious" the most incisive interpretation, the products can be widely used in hotels, office buildings and other important public buildings.

● The outdoor glass elevator provides you with a smooth and comfortable ride because of its design and diversity of style. Transparent design, light and scenery as a whole, gorgeous mobile visual experience brings you a enjoyment, a novelty, widely used in business centers, cultural sports, tourist attractions, hotel clubs and other public places.

If you are interested in any of outdoor glass elevators or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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