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FUJIHD is dumbwaiter manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of dumbwaiter products .

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FUJIHD is dumbwaiter manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of dumbwaiter products .

1. Introduction

Dumbwaiter, because it is more used in the catering industry, is also known as the passageway elevator, generally divided into two forms: floor type and window sill type. The floor space elevator refers to the floor of the cage directly with the ground level, can directly push the cart into the cage, provide convenient and fast food, cargo transportation. Window type service lift is refers to the open position from the ground have a certain height, generally in 0.8 1.2 meters high, people need not bow can be directly to the items placed in capsules, accord with human body engineering design. Sorrenta for your customized sundry elevator quality, elegant and beautiful, advanced performance, flexible operation. "The path of ascension, solentha knows" is designed to bring a value experience to the customer.

2. Advantage

● Dumbwaiter energy saving effect is good, save a space, the transport of other large carrying capacity, system, advanced equipment, first-class, wider use fully functional system, etc., as in the process of sundries elevator equipment use, you will find the dumbwaiter or purposes or will be more and more advanced. After all, knowing the function and characteristics of its elevator, it gradually has a different place in the sales process, which is the aspect that has many advantages in the promotion process.

●At present, there are more and more research and development of the types and sizes of sundry elevator equipment. First of all, the working efficiency in the application process is different, which may be different in the promotion process. Sales process over the years, still need to see this kind of elevator equipment can save a lot of space, on the storage quantity is large, so in the process of transporting goods will be more convenient. Only after seeing the function and use of this device will be more popular in the promotion process.

●The electric current used by the sundry elevator equipment in the start-up process is very small, and has a significant improvement in the transmission efficiency. Because of the introduction of frequency conversion technology in most elevator equipment, the convenience of transportation is very convenient. In short, there are more and more advantages in this field in the world.

●In the process of sales, are you sure you can find the function and operation of the elevator equipment advantages, when sales in the market in the country will certainly be widely recognized, to know that after the use of the elevator equipment efficiency, will surely have great advantages in terms of quality. Only after seeing the process of elevator equipment, it will be easier to operate.

3. Specification







Speed adjusting

Traction type

Control type

Simplex control

Traction ratio


Door opening

Opening up and down

Hoist way size

1480 mmW*1500 mmD

Top floor height

2500 (mm)

Pit depth

750 (mm)

Power supply

380V AC 50HZ 3phase 5lines

Light power

220V AC 50HZ

4. Application

Dumbwaiter is widely used in factories, supermarkets, hotels, schools, canteens and other places, small floor space, without strong civil capacity, new and old buildings are used effectively, greatly saves time and manpower cost for the user.

FUJI Dumbwaiter

5. Service

Quality guarantee period:

The goods elevator is 12 months from the end of installation and commissioning. Product upgrade plan: we promise to upgrade the software free of charge, and charge only the cost of the hardware. The list of the maintenance plan and spare parts, dumbwaiter operation maintenance aspects:

A, products in the warranty period: the owner side fuji dumbwaiter installation after the completion of the acceptance, that is to enter my company for product quality assurance service.

1. During the warranty period of the product, if there is any failure in dumbwaiter , we will answer the call and will be in 24.

Within hours, maintenance personnel were sent to the scene for repair.

2. The maintenance inspection cycle of the dumbwaiter shall be controlled within 15 days, and the maintenance personnel or authorized maintenance units shall make the circuit maintenance inspection for the elevator.

3. The maintenance personnel shall submit a report on the operation of the fuji dumbwaiter to the owner every three months.

4. If the owner has special requirements on the operation time of the goods elevator, our company will fully consider the arrangement of the owner in the maintenance time.

5. If the quality of the goods lift components has occurred during the product warranty period, the personnel of our company will be corrected within 24 hours after receiving the notice.

6. Before the expiration of the product warranty period, our company will conduct a comprehensive inspection and test for the owner's dumbwaiter free of charge and correct the problems found free of charge.

Ii. Supply side of spare parts:

A. The product is in the warranty period.

1. For the dumbwaiter of the owner, our company will provide free oil, cotton yarn and other maintenance, maintenance and auxiliary materials for free replacement of damaged elevators in normal use.

2. We will take redundant measures in the spare parts warehouse of the company's maintenance department to provide the owner's dumbwaiters with important components and a sufficient number of vulnerable parts.

3. Authorized maintenance units in the location of the project are equipped with some commonly used vulnerable parts, which can be used as follows.

B. After the product warranty period:

1, more than the quality of the product after the warranty period of spare parts supply, on the premise of payment has a good reputation, with "supply, after the first payment" for the principle, to ensure continuous, safe and high quality elevator running.

2. If the owner signs an elevator maintenance contract with our company, we will make spare parts in the company's maintenance department.

If you are interested in any of dumbwaiter supplier or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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