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Best Residential Elevators

FUJIHD is fuji passenger elevator manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of fuji passenger lift.If you are interested in any of fuji passenger elevator or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

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FUJIHD is fuji passenger elevator manufacturer and suppliers in china, specialized in the research, development and production of fuji passenger lift.

1. Introduction

Best residential elevator , the integration of modern science and technology "spirituality", to optimize the use of space to make room rate, area and well, greatly save construction time and materials, products such as Yan light some and clever, sharp. The real achievement of the elevator is high practical and cost-effective, to fully meet the space needs of different scales and different personalities

2. Advantage

● High air 2.4 meters high car

Best residential elevators car 2.4 meters in height, 20 cm higher than traditional products, showing a new space more spacious for passengers.

● Green and environmental traction system

A compact permanent magnet synchronous gear free traction machine, with a self weight of only half of the traditional traction machine.

● Compact control cabinet

The use of fuji special elevator special control cabinet can effectively save space and improve the utilization rate of building space.

● High efficiency and energy saving car lighting

Full use of high energy efficiency, long life LED energy saving lamp, combined with car automatic lighting system, energy saving effect has been significantly improved.

Best Residential ElevatorsFUJI Residential Elevators

China Best Residential Elevators

3. The selection of elevators .

● Economy:

The economy is concerned with the customers in the selection and arrangement of best residential elevators, which mainly concerns the equipment cost, civil construction cost, installation cost, operation cost, maintenance cost, tariff and insurance cost of elevators. The cost depends on the type of elevator equipment, functional configuration, technology, brand, quality, and according to the number of buildings, traffic analysis for the selection of the rated speed, rated capacity and control methods; construction costs should be considered well and machine room construction costs, saving well space and room space and installation costs; need to consider the transportation cost, equipment commissioning cost (lift some modern construction in order to meet the requirements of the construction period, completed at the factory pre assembled and debugged, and the elevator with the building part to a minimum), new equipment acceptance fee; operating costs need to consider the energy saving index and annual fees; to consider the scope of warranty repair and maintenance costs and the period after the warranty period maintenance cost, the key parts of the life, the price paid to provide accessories etc..

● Decoration:

The decoration mainly includes the decoration of cars, the decoration of hall doors, the decoration of waiting hall, the well way decoration of sightseeing staircases, the handrail and escalator decoration of escalators. Car upholstery includes sedan wall, sedan roof, sedan roof lighting, and floor decoration. The decoration should be matched with the inner quality and grade of the elevator and coordinate with the building style.

● energy saving and green environmental protection:

In the new century, people are calling for "green". Elevator is also pursuing "green", that is, energy saving, oil pollution reduction, electromagnetic compatibility, low noise, safety and reliability, long life and coordination with buildings. In terms of energy saving, good dragging control system (including motor, transmission mechanism and speed regulation mode) can save energy, excellent group control can save energy, and automatic lighting and automatic operation of escalator or low speed operation can also save energy when no one is driving.

● Social harmony

In order to meet the real estate business for the elderly and persons of special care needs, Fuji elevator (China) Co., taking care of the whole society of the elderly and vulnerable people as the goal, in the national standard in the development of best residential elevator equipped with medical stretcher car function. Accommodation height within 2 meters of the elderly and the disabled, the elevator can lie down on the run in emergency stretcher, when to start when the elevator can reach medical emergency required floor. It is not only convenient for 120 medical care workers, but also the precious time to save the life for the patients.

● Safety and reliability

The elevator control cabinet system is the central system that guarantees the operation of the elevator, which is like the human heart and the brain. In order to ensure the elevator control system is not due to a failure and stop, Fuji elevator (Chinese) Development Co. Ltd., created a sub computer control system functions in a control cabinet of the original volume, when the main computer board failure, vice board computer can automatically switch to the normal operation of the state, so that the majority of users to enjoy double insurance cheap, not stop running.

In addition, Fuji elevator (China) Co., Ltd. has developed the world's original advanced functional configuration of automatic and manual diagnosis and preventive accident for best residential elevator fault interface -- "black box". It can be used in the operation of the elevator fault there is no escape completely to Chinese, avoiding the user cannot have the "right to know" and imposed on the user's improper repairs. At the same time, the supervision of the quality of the product is also truly handed to the user.

If you are interested in any of fuji passenger elevator or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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