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A Review Of Hengda Fuji Elevator In The First Half Of 2018
- Jul 12, 2018 -

"Customer satisfaction and employee happiness" is the purpose and goal of the board of directors of Heng Fu group at the end of 2017 annual commendation conference. A review of the first half of 2018, Hengda Fuji elevator does not forget the first heart, the front, the mission, the enterprising, with the fruitful enterprise award, the warm and warm enterprise culture, the classic project, the loyal and the win-win cooperation partner, for the first half of 2018, the business development and operation of a wonderful. The answer.

Next, let editor show you the best moment of Hengda Fuji elevator in the first half of 2018.

At the beginning of the new year, we won the award of "the top ten supplier of elevator by national government procurement".


At the beginning of the 2018 new year, Hengda Fuji elevator at the Thirteenth Annual National Government Procurement annual meeting, with years of deep ploughing of the firm belief in domestic and foreign markets and the determination to devise strategies, won the annual national government procurement of the top 10 top elevator suppliers this authority award. This signifies that Hengda Fuji elevator has more confidence and strength in the domestic multi government procurement elevator project. It also highlights the brand strength and high market recognition charm of Hengda Fuji elevator for many years.

Customer supremacy Hengda Fuji elevator and Jiayuan group further deepen cooperation and create a better future.


(Above: Shen Yuxing, chairman of Jiayuan group, and a group of senior leaders of Heng Fu group.)

Shen Yuxing, chairman of Jiayuan group, takes the senior management of the group to visit the four phase intelligent manufacturing center of Hengda Fuji elevator. Jiayuan group's Zhejiang Jiayuan real estate group has worked with Hengda Fuji elevator for many years, and has established a good cooperative relationship. Mr. Qian Jiangming, chairman of the chairman of the group, executive president Qian Zhenhua, CEO Qian Huihua, general sales manager Wen Haifeng, and the head of the Department were kindly met to accompany the visit.

In early spring February, Hengda Fuji elevator central laboratory passed the national CNAS certification.


The Fuji elevator center laboratory is certified by the China National Accreditation Committee (CNAS), marking the approval of a number of international mutual recognition agreement group members of the Hengda Fuji elevator center laboratory. The results obtained by the international authority are recognized by various international authorities, and will be more widely involved in a variety of international standards. To assess the international cooperation and exchange of institutions.

Cultural advance Hengda Fuji elevator 2017 City Cultural Workshop selection activity perfect ending

(Above: a photo of the company leader with the award-winning staff)

The selection of cultural workshop was initiated in response to the establishment of the enterprise culture workshop by the municipal Party committee. Over the years, Hengda Fuji elevator has always put the enterprise culture construction and product quality as the top priority of the enterprise development. It often carries out colorful enterprise cultural activities and quality self-examination and mutual investigation, and further manifests that the sacred mission of the enterprise is to keep in mind that the enterprise culture is the product of the spiritual food enterprise is the market guarantee. Idea.

Thanksgiving and new year Heng Fu Group's summing up commendation conference and the new year's thank you party

(Above: members of the board take photos with outstanding employees in 2017.)

The year-end summing up conference and the new Spring Festival Gala have gone through ten years, from the initial company conference room to the versatile multi-functional hall, from the company canteen to the magnificent hotel, from the original dozens of employees to the current nearly 500 family members. The eternal theme of Thanksgiving and warmth has been unfolded for many years.

Praises spring Hengda Fuji elevator New Year's beginning, monopolizes the Nanxun area "new image" award and so on six government awards.


(Above: Heng Fu Group Chairman (right one) comes to the stage to receive the new image award.)

At the meeting of leading cadres in Nanxun District, Hengda Fuji elevator used its strength to monopolize the six new government awards such as the "new image" award in Nanxun. At the Huzhou Grand Theatre in the city of the city to deepen the "four new" theme practice and style construction mobilization meeting, the Hengda Fuji elevator has won the honorary title of the 2017 tax payer of the city of Huzhou.

In 2018, "Heng Heng Xin, win the future" global distributor Conference opened a new chapter in marketing.

The most beautiful labor Hengda Fuji elevator, the first "labor model" award and award ceremony held ceremoniously.

Elevator group, Hang Fu Group, unveiled China's International Elevator Exhibition with two brands

Huimin engineering Hengda Fuji elevator old building to install elevator lift residents happiness index was praised.

Classic projects blossom everywhere, Hengda Fuji elevator wins customers' unanimous praise and recognition.

In the first half of the year, there are many wonderful moments that are worth sharing with you, such as the patent application authorization, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the development of engineers and enterprises. These achievements can not be separated from the perseverance and breakthrough of Hengda Fuji for a long time, such as scientific and technological innovation, talent training, technological innovation and so on. It can not be separated from the trust and praise of the leaders and loyal customers at all levels of the Fuji brand of Hengda. In the future, Hengda Fuji will continue to play a leading role in the industry and strive for the great enterprise of the century.