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Hengfu Group Unveiled China's International Elevator Exhibition With Two Brands
- May 17, 2018 -

The biennial elevator industry event was held on May 8th -11 in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. 20 years of wind and rain, the glory of the elevator industry, the two-year elevator event, the common expectations of the industry colleagues, will finally begin in May 8, 2018. After the baptism of the 12 exhibitions, the thirteenth China International Elevator Exhibition will be held in the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This exhibition will once again offer a highly professional and participatory industry exchange feast for the exhibitors and the audience. Hengfu group carries its two largest ladder brand Hengda Fuji elevator and Volkswagen elevator to the International Elevator Exhibition. 

China's International Elevator Exhibition

 (Above: the event of the Hengfu group Exhibition)

During the exhibition, the exhibition of Heng Fu group was surging. The elevator exhibition platform, which has been carefully prepared and designed by Heng Fu Group, attracts customers from home and abroad to negotiate. Heng Fu Group marketing team with a full gesture to welcome the arrival of eight party merchants. Let Xiaobian take a look at the exhibition merchants to discuss the wonderful moment.

Hengfu group Elevator

(Above: Li Shoulin, President of China Elevator Association, and group leader of Heng Fu group.)

During the exhibition, Li Shoulin, President of the elevator association of China, Zhi Xifeng of Shanghai Elevator Association, and Qian Jiang, President of the elevator association of Huzhou, were given the guidance of the exhibition platform, and the development and expansion of Heng Fu Group in recent years had been praised and affirmed.

Elevator Exhibition

(Above: Zhi Xifeng, Secretary General of Shanghai Elevator Association, and leader of Heng Fu group. )


International Elevator Exhibition

(Above: group leader of Qianjiang and Heng Fu Group, President of Huzhou elevator industry association.)

At the exhibition, many media organizations, such as China elevator, China government procurement information network, Shanghai elevator, Seir elevator, elevator industry and other media organizations, carried out live reports and live broadcast on the scene, and carried out a full range of publicity and promotion to the exhibition event of Heng Fu group.

China Elevator

(From Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Dubai, Kuwait and other countries, in the period of the exhibition through negotiation and visit to the company headquarters, we have shown great interest in the elevator products and enterprise scale of the Heng Fu group.)

fujihd elevator

Heng Fu Group has been paying great attention to the dissemination of brand reputation and the building of brand influence over the years. Major professional elevator exhibition groups will be invited to attend. Through the exchange and influence of the exhibition, the customers' cognition and trust to Hengda Fuji elevator and Volkswagen elevator brand has been greatly improved. Especially the elevator industry exhibition such as China International Elevator Exhibition is a good opportunity to highlight the brand and strength of Heng Fu group. At present, Heng Fu Group has entered the peak period of orders and deliveries. It is understood that the order volume increased by 38% over the first four months, and the International Department's export situation was gratifying. In the future, Heng Fu Group will be more market-oriented, customer focused, and strive to create more high-quality elevator products to serve the global users.

Hengda Fuji elevator  Hengda Fuji elevator China