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Do Not Smoke In The Elevator
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The elevator belongs to the public factory, and smoking in the elevator is an uncivilized performance. All the residents in the city harbour are here to call for the civilization and the construction of the Civilization Park. And prompts the masses of the masses:

Please do not smoke in the elevator, it is easy to cause the air in the elevator is not fresh.

Please consider the other passengers in the elevator, which may have pharyngitis, rhinitis, and cold sufferers, and it is easy to hurt others.

The elevator car is a relatively sealed space. The smoking behavior in the elevator first will cause a lot of harmful objects in the car, which will endanger the health of others and themselves.

When the elevator rises at high speed, there are a lot of friction. If the fireworks fall on the elevator, it can cause fire and cause a safety accident.

It is forbidden to smoke in the elevator, and the passengers are hoped to be supervised and propagandize to each other. Let us act, take part in, manage, improve and improve. Do not think that smoking in the elevator is harmless, it will not only make other people forced to smoke "second-hand smoke", but also cause fire, the consequences can be unthinkable. The conscious maintenance of the elevator environment and order is the responsibility, but also the obligation to improve the awareness of the rights and interests of others, the initiative to conduct the standard of individual behavior, civilization by the ladder.

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