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Elevator Maintenance System
- Mar 19, 2018 -

1 weekly maintenance check

Elevator maintenance personnel every two weeks to the main organs and parts of the elevator for a maintenance, inspection, and carry out a comprehensive cleaning, dust, lubrication and other work. Every workload should be determined by the elevator floor station, usually not less than 2 hours.

2 quarter maintenance check

Elevator maintenance personnel every 90 days or so, the elevator's important parts and electrical devices for a slight adjustment and inspection, depending on the elevator station and its workload, usually each time of use is no less than 4 hours.

3 maintenance check

Each lift after one year of operation, by professional elevator maintenance unit technology director, arrange maintenance staff to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the elevator mechanical components and electrical equipment and auxiliary facilities maintenance, and conduct a comprehensive safety performance test according to the technical standard, the detection of qualified, declaration of acceptance to the relevant departments, handle the formalities for the use of the year.