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Hengda Fuji Elevator Enjoys The Favor Of U.S. Customers For Its Export Performance To Reach A New High
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Nanxun, the country of China elevator. As the leading demonstration enterprise of the region, Hengda Fuji elevator, in the current Sino US trade frictions on the U. S. export growth may significantly decline, and drag on the overall export growth of the adverse background, recently, from the overseas market to the news, 4 meters per second passenger elevator deep in the US Florida customers favor, get a customer Acknowledgement and commendation, and has stepped up production scheduling, strive for early shipment and installation.

(Above: the elevator for export to the United States is being shipped.)

(Above: Containers loaded ready to go to designated ports)

The The Manor, Kuala Lumpur project, located near Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been approved and praised by the customers through the negotiation of the overseas market staff, with the perfect product design scheme, making the Hengda Fuji elevator successfully providing 4 m / s high speed passenger elevator for this 46 layer permanent property. Business apartments offer perfect and safe vertical traffic solutions. The 4m/sec high-speed elevator has the advantages of stable operation, energy-saving and safety. The internal rotor tractor can reduce noise and energy consumption by more than 40%. As one of the symbolic projects of Hengda Fuji Elevator's overseas market leap-over and take-off, it further strengthens the confidence of the company's overseas market department.


(Above: The Manor, Kuala Lumpur Project, Malaysia)

Hengda Fuji elevator export business began in 2005. Through constantly developing the market and implementing the strategy of going out, the overseas market projects have won the customers' favor and trust in recent years. It shows that the Fuji escalator products have broad market prospects and overseas market base. At the same time of deep ploughing and consolidating the domestic market, Hengda Fuji elevator has been actively opening up the international market and seeking foreign quality agents. In the first half of 2018, the export increased nearly 40% year on year, gaining the attention of the same industry. These achievements have benefited from the years of Fuji's brand accumulation and the hard work of the market. It has benefited from the trust established by foreign customers for many years, and the praise and praise of the good after-sales service system. In the two years of China International Elevator Exhibition, the Shanghai elevator exhibition platform of Hengda Fuji is in an endless stream. At overseas elevator professional exhibitions, Hengda Fuji brand shines in almost every exhibition. The elevator exhibition in Germany, the India Elevator Exhibition, the elevator exhibition in Bangladesh, the Russian elevator show, the Iran Elevator Exhibition and other professional elevators can all see the brand image of Hengda Fuji and the busy figure of the staff of the overseas market department. The accumulation of brand influence depends not only on these, but also on good pre-sale and after-sales service. Installation of elevators abroad, the Hengda Fuji engineering department often needs to be on-site guidance installation and commissioning, warm and thoughtful service guidance for foreign customers for us to erect the thumbs. Overseas marketing staff have been in the market for a long time, visiting overseas customers and building up a sense of trust has become an important cornerstone of cooperation between the two sides.

 elevator US

(Above:Hengda Fuji Elevator Participates in Elevator Exhibition Fair at Home and Abroad)

During the Spring Festival in 2017, the people who went to Kampuchea travel in the hotel, in the elevator to the fellow people said, "look, this elevator is our company", the pride of the heart to the envy of the fellow people. In Thailand's famous tourist attraction, the "Golden House of Riches" receives more than 10,000 visitors every day. The sightseeing elevator here is also Hengda Fuji. In the tallest building in East Africa, the Ethiopian Commercial Bank headquarters building, Hengda Fuji elevator is praised by customers. The elevator of Hengda Fuji, the largest apartment project of Bangladesh in Sultan, the La Residence in Bangladesh, the first phase of the Laos World Trade Center, the Sultan National Bank and so on, all of which have a safe operation of the elevator products of Hengda Fuji. Hengda Fuji not forget the initial heart, the courage to develop the market struggle strength, with service and quality to win the customer trust enterprise concept, will be Hengda Fuji domestic and foreign market brand accumulation, to provide a more solid fortress support. We also believe that the great goal of "satisfying customers and making employees happy" will be accompanied by Hengda Fuji to cut through difficulties and go forward all the way!