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Hengda Fuji Elevator Helps Guizhou Project To Create New Coordinates
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Guizhou Tuyun Seven Star future city, as the key project of state and city level government, has a planned area of about 3500 Mu and 1100 mu of construction land, with a total building area of 2 million 200 thousand square meters. The project is divided into two phases. The total development and construction period is five years. After the use of the project, it will be the most advanced ecological residential area in Qiannan, which is to eat, drink and play. The grand urban complex project is a new center for Tuyuns future urban development. The first phase of the 250 thousand square is small high-rise and high-rise landscape elevator housing, 70 thousand square meters along the river style commercial water street, according to the 1:1.8 super high proportion of more than more than 2300 underground parking spaces, the volume rate is only 2.6, to create a model of ecological livability in Tuyun with ultra low density. The west side of Feng Qing Water Street connects the first stage of the landscape elevator house, which consists of ten towers, and the future modern landscape architecture is the design idea.

Above:A birds-eye view of the future Seven Star City in Tuyun, Guizhou

Above:Local building effect map

Hengda Fuji elevator, with many years brand accumulation in the southwest market, has been praised and praised by developers. The first signing contract covers more than 90 passengers, such as passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, escalator and so on. The project has helped to build the new city development coordinate and new center in the future. For years, Hengda Fuji elevator, adhering to the people-oriented and customer supremacy management concept, has gained the customers favor and trust in the multi tendering and bidding projects. In several cities three a hospital, the government resettlement house and the city complex, Hengda Fuji relies on the perfect product design concept and good market reputation. The elevator product of Fuji Hengda elevator serves the local economic construction and provides the perfect vertical transportation solution for the local residents.