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Hengda Fuji Elevator Is Awarded The Honorary Title Of Nanxun Charity Outstanding Contribution Unit
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Recently, the three-year poverty alleviation campaign and charity fund-raising conference were held in the form of "three sessions in one" to unify and promote the three-year strong village collective economy and the three-year well-off and charity fund-raising work of low-income people. Hengda Fuji Elevator carries out the enterprise mission of "returning all the society to all the society". It has donated 10,000 yuan to Nanxun's "three-year running of low-income people to a well-off society" charity and won the honorary title of "Nanxun Charitable Outstanding Contribution Unit". Qian Zhenhua, general manager of Hengda Fuji elevator, came to the stage to receive the award.


(Above:Three years of poverty alleviation in Nanxun District, charitable donations to promote the scene of the conference)


(Above:Qian Zhenhua, general manager of Hengda Fuji elevator comes to the stage to receive the award (left three))

Over the years, Hengda Fuji Elevator has been taking philanthropy as a long-term important work to give back to society. At the 10th Anniversary Mobilization Conference of Nanxun Charitable Association, Hengda Fuji, in response to the government's call, donated money on the spot to solve practical difficulties for low-income groups and people in need, and devoted the enterprise's love. In 2015, Hengda Fuji Elevator and Yali Primary School of Lidongcun, Lishui District, Zhejiang Province donated charitable donations and stationery books and other items. Zhejiang Zhejiang Business Entrepreneurship Innovation Foundation and Zhejiang Academy of Business Studies of Chinese Sciences specially issued a certificate of thanks to Hengda Fuji for its corporate love.


(Above: Nanxun Charity Federation set up 10th Anniversary Charity Day donation  mobilization meeting)   

(Above: Honorary certificate 2015 (love donation))

At the same time, Hengda Fuji Elevator Headquarters actively liaises with local branches to implement one-to-one precise and loving donation. Hengda Fuji Elevator communicated with the local companies and agents in the early stage, they will report the basic situation of their respective areas to the head office, and then the head office according to the actual situation, combined with the company's fundraising situation, eventually selected Gansu Tianshui Company reported to the poor mountain area donors. At the same time, Hengda Fuji Elevator will file the information reported by other subsidiaries, and will select a helper in the next fundraising activities, so as to pass on the love of Hengda Fuji Elevator.


For a long time, the warmth and love of the staff of Hengda Fuji Elevator have been sent to many people in need of help. Hengda Fuji Elevator is currently the Vice President of the Red Cross Society of Nanxun District, Huzhou City. It practices the high sense of mission and corporate social responsibility of the Red Cross Society of Nanxun District in its dedication to love and society. At the same time, Hengda Fuji Elevator through the establishment of a volunteer service team to provide help and support to local people in need, holding volunteer service activities from time to time, and in conjunction with local public welfare organizations, to carry out caring donations, community, school and other rich and varied volunteer activities, to enhance the dedication of employees, and enhance enterprises. The industry's sense of social responsibility and mission, so that Hengda Fuji Elevator has become a respected by the community, the staff love a great enterprise!