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Hengda Fuji Elevator Provides A High Quality Elevator With Humanization For Wuhan's First Barrier-free Pedestrian Overpass
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Wuhan's most beautiful and convenient pedestrian overpass, the Machang Road Pedestrian Bridge, is situated above the intersection of Tangjiadun Road, Machangjiao Road and Hong Kong Road in Hankou. The raceway pedestrian bridge is designed beautifully, and the main bridge presents a "L" shape steel structure, which gives people a sense of beauty. The width of the main bridge is 4.2 meters. Stairs and ramps are designed at three intersections of Marshal Road, Hong Kong Road and Tangjiadun Road. Stairs and ramps are 2.8-3 meters wide. Since its opening, the pedestrian overpass has attracted much attention - because its construction facilitates the diversion of pedestrians and vehicles, alleviates road congestion, and because it is the first pedestrian overpass with vertical elevators in Wuhan.


(Above: Hengda Fuji barrier free entry door design is more humanized. )

Based on the characteristics of pedestrian overpass and the density of pedestrian flow, and according to the appearance and direction of the overpass, Hengda Fuji Elevator Technology and Engineering Department has designed a vertical traffic solution which integrates with the overpass, so that the overall appearance of the elevator and the appearance of the pedestrian overpass benefit from each other. Chang, Hengda Fuji elevator put into use, but also for Wuhan's first barrier-free through elevator pedestrian overpass added a touch of beautiful scenery.


(Above: the integration of elevator and footbridge of Hengda Fuji)


On September 6, 2018, the vertical elevator of the pedestrian overpass on the street was officially opened to the public, which is the first pedestrian overpass in Wuhan with accessible elevators in operation. The pedestrian overpass, especially the barrier-free direct elevator, has been put into use, and has greatly facilitated the travel of the surrounding people, especially the disabled, teenagers and the elderly.

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