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Hengda Fuji Elevator Service, Bangladesh's Largest Apartment Project, La Residence
- Jul 03, 2018 -

Uttara Apartment Project (The La Residence) is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which is the largest planned apartment project in the history of the state. The apartment covers an area of 214.44 acres, with a total of about 240 16 floors of apartment buildings, with a total of 20160 apartments, providing apartments for middle-income and low income residents in the capital, Dhaka. The project is planned to purchase more than 200 units, the first 50 Hengda elevator Fuji elevator products have been completed all part of the wholesale, waiting for all the installation and acceptance, to solve the apartment's first occupancy of the elevator ride demand. 

Above:Bangladesh Uttara Apartment Project Bird's-eye view of the project

In the A block of the project, 1275 square feet of net area units are being constructed. In the 79 single apartment buildings, 67 individual apartment buildings are being launched in full. At the same time, the RC frame of 16 floors (including a basement) of 10 single apartment buildings was completed, and the working procedures such as brick wall, plastering project, grille and door frame, including finishing engineering, were completed. Over 4000 apartments have a total net area of 1275 square feet, and the "A" block has been allocated to different categories of low and middle income applicants. The middle and low income residents who applied for admission were registered in January 31, 2016. It is reported that Hossain (MasHrof), an engineer of the Ministry of housing and public works, has announced that applicants will be gradually transferred to their apartments in accordance with the application conditions. The completion of the project will greatly relieve housing pressure of middle and low income residents in Dhaka and improve their living standard and quality of life. 

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Above:Bangladesh Uttara Apartment Project Project scene view

Since 2000, Hengda Fuji elevator has opened up the international market since 2000, and has already exported all kinds of escalator products. In Australia, South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, South Sultan, Indonesia, Thailand, India and other countries and regions, all kinds of electric escalator products of Hengda Fuji are in good operation. In 2017, when the export environment was not very strong, it still maintained a strong growth momentum and achieved more than 1500 export escalators, which occupies a pivotal position in the export business of China's elevator industry (including foreign brands). By increasing its service to overseas agents, Hengda Fuji elevator overseas market actively participated in various professional elevator exhibitions abroad, improving the influence and popularity of Hengda Fuji elevator in the international market. At the China International Elevator Exhibition in May 2018, more than 100 batches of foreign merchants were received, and the order volume has been discharged to the end of November. In order to guarantee the quality of the products, the manufacturing and operation Department will strengthen the customized service and accurate docking for the overseas customers, and do well in the technical support, production and delivery service for the market expansion of the overseas merchants, and ensure that each electric ladder exported by the Hengda Fuji is the perfect combination of the products and the art. Product!