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Hengda Fuji Install Elevator To Solve The Problem Of Downstairs Of Riverside Community In Lishui, Zhejiang
- Jun 05, 2018 -

With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of the people's living standard, the installation of glass elevators in old buildings has become an urgent need of the society. The elevator has become an important vertical transportation tool in the people's life. Adding glass elevators is the most direct way to solve the old building with elevators, and it is a new type of elevator products with a wide range of products. Market prospects and demand. Local governments have issued relevant documents and regulations on the installation of glass elevators in old buildings to solve the problem of no elevator for residents to go upstairs and downstairs. Hengda Fuji glass elevator responded positively to the national call and set up a R & D team to contribute to the social responsibility of enterprises to solve the problem of residents' travel difficulties.

solve elevator community

Above: the site construction staff is the point of praise for Hengda Fuji frame type elevator.

Recently, in Zhejiang Lishui Riverside District, Hengda Fuji frame integrated installation of elevator installation site, the whole process is orderly under the scheduling of technical installation personnel. Hengda Fuji elevator technology research and development department responsible person to the scene, to solve the problems encountered at the scene, put forward the plan and solve. Hengda Fuji frame integrated elevator, steel structure with circular arc steel plate pressed molding, its frame structure and ordinary square pipe welding production differences are: high strength and material, vertical inside and outside the wall, good antirust treatment, long service life, suitable for high humidity and high salinity of the coastal areas; outside the area; A high strength bolt connection is used in each layer of the frame, which ensures the complete installation of the whole elevator steel structure in one day, which highlights the advantages of safety, rapid and non disturbing. Because the arc steel frame has no edges and corners, it will not cause any harm to pedestrians, and has higher safety factor. At the same time, the maximum utilization of limited space is ensured. The size of the well can also be maximized to ensure maximum utilization of the elevator car space and to make the ride more comfortable. Because the elevator uses the high performance internal rotor traction machine, and has the mobile network and the mobile phone automatic connection, thus ensuring the elderly people in the elevator and children can talk and contact, make it an old man ladder, in the event of emergencies, the first time to talk with their children, so that Heng Dafu's adding elevator really become "happy old" Human elevator. At the same time, the elevator shaft has a pressure differential ventilation device, to ensure that the glass sightseeing well can also resist high temperature in summer, and the car can install air conditioning to meet the requirements of comfort, energy saving, low noise and so on. Because the intelligent function of IC card can be selected, it can satisfy the automatic recording function of storage and use times, and guarantee the demand of some units to charge according to the number of times used. It can be said that the Fuji frame type integrated elevator can solve the problems and difficulties of the high-rise residents without elevator in all aspects. It provides a good operation tool for the residents to travel vertically, and improves the quality of life and happiness of the residents. 


(Above: installation site )

Hengda Fuji elevator installed in the Lishui riverside residential area of Zhejiang has a frame mounted elevator, which has received the attention and praise from the local government and the media. Lishui TV station has interviewed the residents' feelings and views on the scene, and the questions and puzzles of the residents in the process of the use of the elevator in the future, the relevant personnel of the technical research and development department have given the answers to the scene. 


(Above: Lishui TV station interviews the owner's views and feelings on the installation of elevators in the old building. )

Hengda Fuji elevator frame integrated elevator research and development, has been in the leading industry in the same industry in China. In recent years, in Sichuan Dazhou Water Bureau family building, Fujian Fuzhou The Point Inn & Suites, Chongqing, Henan and other residential areas and hotels, all have a Fuji installed elevator in good operation, for the local residents to go up and down the stairs to bring great convenience, received by the residents of the praise and praise. In the future, Hengda Fuji elevator will be further innovating and improving in the application of the patent application and design and installation process of the frame integrated elevator. In order to solve the problem of no elevator riding on the residents' upstairs and downstairs, it will continue to play the sense of social responsibility of the enterprise of Hengda Fuji elevator and bring safety and efficiency for the people. Fast vertical traffic solution and unremitting efforts!