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Hengda Fuji Provides 114 Escalator Products For The Two Phase Of Taizhou Luqiao Building Decoration City
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Taizhou Luqiao building decoration City, Zhejiang, as the core industry of Huangshi holding group, is located at the intersection of Shang Hai street, silver an street and Tengda road in Luqiao district. It is the specialized wholesale market of the key project of Taizhou city by the Provincial Planning Commission. Decoration city officially opened in September 28, 1998, covering an area of 180 mu, building area of 158 thousand and 700 square meters, with a total investment of 860 million yuan. There are 1825 sales stalls in the market. The renting rate on the stall is 95%. It is divided into several big trading areas, such as lamps, ceramics, hardware, water heating, wallpaper coating, sheet, curtain bedding, motor match, home and so on. It operates hundreds of categories and tens of thousands of varieties. The important distribution and distribution center of the material.

Above:A birds eye view of the two stage of the Luqiao decoration City,Taizhou

The two phase of Taizhou Luqiao architectural decoration city is located in the Luqiao District Far East Trade Square, which is located at the two level key project of the urban area in 2005. The same decoration city is 350 meters apart, the traffic is convenient, the geographical location is unique, the East is Shang Hai street, the south connects two waterways, the area is 120 mu, the building area is 168 thousand square meters, the total investment is 250 million, the city is 250 million, the total investment 250 million, the city The design of the field is novel, the layout is reasonable, the set of supporting facilities such as trading, catering, accommodation and business are integrated, and it has become a city complex of leisure, entertainment and commercial and residential in Taizhou.

Above:The local effect map of the two stage of Luqiao decoration City,Taizhou

Hengda Fuji elevator for the Taizhou Luqiao decoration city two period to provide various kinds of electric escalator products totalling 114 sets, covering sightseeing elevator, passenger elevator, escalator, automatic sidewalk and other high quality elevator products. At present, it has entered the stage of production and production, striving for early shipment to the scene and escorting the early opening of the two phase of Taizhou Luqiao decoration city.

Hengda Fuji elevator was founded in 1987 in Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang. In the past thirty years, from the north of Zhejiang to the surrounding area, it is the purpose and idea of every customer. At present, the products of Hengda Fuji elevator have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions all over the world, serving the local economic construction and providing convenient vertical transportation solutions for local residents. Over the past thirty years, the brand accumulation of the deep ploughed market, the innovative product design concept, the accumulation and praise of customers; recognition and trust are the cornerstone and power of the development and expansion of the Fuji elevator. In the future, Hengda Fuji elevator will also take this opportunity to strive towards the great goal of satisfying the customers to make the employees happy. Work hard!