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Hengda Fuji Provides High Quality Elevators For Zibo Yihai Home.
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Recently, with the perfect product performance and good brand effect, the Hengda Fuji elevator has successfully signed a cooperative agreement with the Zibo maitindi Estate Co. Ltd. to provide more than 100 high quality elevators of Hengda Fuji for the Yihai home of the fine decoration and residential project, helping the project to create a model of high quality community.

quality elevator

(Above: the perspective of Yihai brocade along the street)

Yihai home is a fine decoration commercial and residential project developed by the Zibo MDI estate company limited company. The project is on the left of the north section of the Liu Quan Road, the intersection of the Liu Quan road and Zhao Wang Road to the north of the 500 meter road. Right on the central road, convenient travel, more bus routes, access to all parts of the city, at the same time, relying on the planning and construction of the high-speed rail north station, traffic accessibility. At the same time, the community greening rate is high, creating multiple stereoscopic landscape: along Zhao Wang Road commercial scene construction, internal road scene construction, community internal environment scene construction, community entry and exit scene construction, scene building as the "four dimensional design" concept, building high quality social area.

(Above: an aerial view of Yihai brocade )

Qilu, hospitality Shandong, has always been one of the key markets of the Hengda Fuji elevator market. After years of brand accumulation and operation, it has provided a perfect vertical transportation solution for many real estate projects in Qilu. Heze Dongming dragon vein manor, Wudi County Golden Shield residence residential district, Heze Huari purple Yuntai District, Linyi River international city, Shandong Chen Guang Construction Co., Ltd. Jin Yucheng, Shandong Langyue commercial construction and Operation Co., Ltd. three li commercial square two phase square, all of all kinds of high quality escalator of Hengda Fuji The product is in good operation. In the future, Hengda Fuji will continue to give full play to its many years of brand advantage, deep ploughing for many years of market expansion, and continue to provide more perfect vertical transportation solutions for the customers of the Qilu land.