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How To Save The Elevator Accident
- Mar 19, 2018 -

1. Keep calm and comfort the people trapped together to explain that there is no danger. The elevator won't drop the elevator slot. The elevator slot has an anti falling safety device, which will hold the rail on both sides of the elevator firmly, and the safety device will not fail.

2, the use of alarm or interphone, mobile phone for help, if there is no alarm bell or interphone, when the phone fails, it can beat the door shouting, or take off the shoes to beat, request immediately to find someone to rescue.

3. If you can't find the elevator mechanic immediately, you can call the outside people to call the firefighter. The firemen usually hang the elevator or hang it down to the nearest floor, then open the door. Even if a power outage, the fireman can hang the elevator with a manual.

4. Don't climb out of the elevator by yourself if there are no trained rescuers outside.

5, don't try to force open the elevator door, even if you can open, it may not reach the door, open the door of the gate to escape and certainly not. The outer wall of the elevator grease may cause slip.

6, if the elevator ceiling has an emergency exit, do not climb out. The outlet plate once opened, the safety switch makes the elevator motionless. But if the export board accident shut, the elevator could suddenly start is out of balance, in the dark trough elevator, the elevator cables may be tripped, or by stepping on the grease and slip from the top down, lift.

7. The elevators, trapped in the commercial building at night or at the weekend, may not be approaching the elevator in a few hours or even days. In this case, the safest thing to do is to keep calm and wait for help. It is best to endure hunger, thirst, muggy, keep your life, listen to the outside, if a pedestrian passes through, trying to attract his attention. If not, wait until the work time to call for help.