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Huzhou Mayor Qian Sanxiong Led A Number Of Leaders, The First Stop Of The Spring Festival Came To Hengda Fuji Elevator Base
- Jan 04, 2019 -

At the beginning of the new spring of 2019, Huzhou Mayor Qian Sanxiong and Nanxun District Mayor Yang Weidong visited Hengda Fuji Elevator Intelligent Manufacturing Base located in Lianshi Science and Technology Park. Leaders of relevant departments in Nanxun District and Lianshi Town accompanied the visits. Qian Jiangming, chairman of Hengfu Group and Qian Zhenhua, general manager, warmly received the leadership of Mayor Qian Sanxiong and his party


(Above: Mayor Qian Sanxiong (second from left) Yang Weidong (first from right) and company leaders for a group photo)


Mayor Qian and his team visited the multi-functional exhibition hall and intelligent manufacturing center. They inquired and understood the company's development process, tax situation, sales performance, product system, scientific and technological innovation, talent introduction and so on. In listening to the sales performance of Qian Jiangming, the chairman, and Qian Zhenhua, the general manager of the company in 2018, we appreciate that Hengda Fuji Elevator has maintained a strong growth momentum under the depressed environment. At the same time, we encourage enterprises to continue to innovate in science and technology, open up markets and customize services to provide more satisfactory products and services for customers at home and abroad. Mayor Qian also expressed his gratification for the company's achievements in recent years. When he learned that the company won the honor of Huzhou City's taxpayer and Nanxun Jinxiang Enterprise in 2018, he stressed that the first way for the enterprise to become stronger is to introduce talents, introduce high-level talents, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with scientific research institutions, and highly praise the high-performance elevator joint laboratory established by the company in cooperation with the academician team of Zhejiang University. Reward. Second, we should actively explore the market, serve customers, improve sales, raise tax revenue, and have more opportunities to contribute to the society and provide employment opportunities for more people. Company leaders said that they must live up to the government's orders and concerns for Hengda Fuji, provide high-quality elevators and customized nanny services for customers at home and abroad, and also serve the community and contribute to society, and strive to do a good job in industry benchmarking and exemplary role. At the same time, we should actively respond to the call of national green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and maintain and protect the honor of "national green manufacturing enterprises". All employees of the company will keep in mind the orders and expectations of the leaders of the municipal and district committees, and continue to maintain a good development situation. In this era of thousand sails and hundred rivalries, there must be no conceited and self-confident ideas, no hesitation, hesitation and languor. We must continue to do a good job in the demonstration role of leading enterprises, and achieve brilliant results in 2019. 


(Image above: Mayor Qian Sanxiong's delegation visited the multi-functional exhibition hall)



(Image above: Mayor Qian Sanxiong and his party visited the Intelligent Manufacturing Center)


The year 2019 has begun. Hengda Fuji Elevator of Hengda Enrichment Group has been developing its brand and cultivating its market for more than 30 years. It has withstood the test and experience in the tide of reform and opening up. It has also been tested by the market and customers, and has also received the attention and love of leaders at all levels, such as the state, provinces and municipalities. Hengda Fuji Elevator staff of Hengda Group will be inspired to be the forever leader and dreamer of the elevator industry. They will strive unremittingly, make progress actively, pioneer and innovate, and march forward courageously towards the great goal of "satisfying customers and making employees happy".