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Safety Guidelines For Children In Escalator
- Mar 19, 2018 -

For the baby's safety, parents can't do these things!

10 million do not let the child take the escalator alone. Baby take the escalator, there must be accompanied by an adult, and let the baby standing in front of the body in front of and for the operation of the elevator, to ensure that the baby in sight, once the baby to make a dangerous move (with handrails, tooth plate, head look out) it can be the first time to stop;

2. when the escalator, do not be distracted, play with mobile phones or other intelligent equipment, always look at the baby;

3. do not stay at the entrance and exit of the escalator. The attention should be raised near the entrance and exit to guide the safe and safe access of the baby.

4. before travel, should pay attention to the baby's wear, can not give the baby through long, easy to hang the clothes and light shoes (such as cave shoes and so on foam shoes).

5., if the baby is relatively small, it will be safer to hold the baby on the baby. When the baby takes the escalator for the first time, it should help and guide the baby to ride and explain matters needing attention.

6. if there is a dangerous situation, do not panic! Keep in mind that there is a red emergency brake button where the elevator entrance is near the ground, and the elevator will stop running. And immediately tell the store staff, timely dial 110 and 120.

To tell the baby, such a few things are not safe!

1. do not step on the yellow safety warning line and the two stages of the ladder, so as not to be involved in the crevice.

2. can not walk, run and sit at random on the escalator, otherwise it is easy to wrestle and fall, especially at the entrance and exit of the escalator, and not to be playful.

3., when you go up the escalator, pay attention to your shoes and clothes, and don't touch apron boards and toothed panels. Clothes can be lifted too long so as to avoid being caught up in escalators. Once the shoes and clothes are involved, do not rush to get involved in order to prevent the hand from being involved. The first time should be told to the parents.

40 million do not extend the head and extremities out of the escalator, or it will easily bump into the ceiling or adjacent escalators and other obstacles.