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Small Elevator Knowledge
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Elevator use

1. passenger elevator: the elevator designed for the passengers requires perfect safety facilities and a certain car decoration.

2. cargo elevator: designed mainly for the delivery of goods, usually accompanied by an elevator.

3. medical elevator: the elevator designed for the delivery of sickbeds, stretchers and medical cars. The car has a long and narrow feature.

4. sundries elevator: for libraries, office buildings, hotels to transport books, documents, food and other designs.

5. sightseeing elevator: the sedan car wall is transparent, and the elevator for the passengers is used for sightseeing.

6. vehicle elevator: used as an elevator for transporting vehicles.

7. ship elevator: elevator used on the ship.

8. building construction elevator: Construction and maintenance of the elevator.

9. other types of elevators: in addition to the above common elevators, there are some special purpose elevators, such as freezer elevator, explosion-proof elevator, mine elevator, power station elevator, fireman elevator, ramp elevator, nuclear island elevator and so on.

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