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Thanksgiving Accompanies, Along The Way You - - Hengfu Group Is Willing To Go Forward With You Warmly And Hand In Hand
- Jan 04, 2019 -

In 2018, Hengda Fuji Elevator of Hengda Group thanked government leaders at all levels, industry associations and loyal customers at home and abroad for their concern and high expectations for the development of the company. 2018 is drawing to a close. Looking back on the achievements of this year, we are always grateful.


Forty years of glorious reform and opening-up, Hengda Fuji Elevator of Hengda Group, as a witness and witness, has accompanied the reform and opening-up through more than 30 years of extraordinary years, not forgetting the original heart, bearing in mind the mission, advancing bravely, a hundred feet pole head, and creating brilliance again! Hengda Fuji Elevator and Volkswagen Elevator of Hengda Enrichment Group will share with you every step of their development and every achievement we have made. In this moment of resigning the old and welcoming the new, may we take every opportunity given to us by the good times and work together to achieve good results and win-win the future together!