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Working Principle Of Escalator
- Mar 19, 2018 -

From its most basic function, the escalator is a simple reformed conveyor belt. The two rotated chains drag a set of steps in a constant cycle and carry a number of people at a stable speed to move short distances. In this article, we will look at the internal structure of the escalator and know exactly how these components are installed together. Although its principle is extremely simple, it is really amazing to keep all the steps in a completely synchronized movement.

The core component of the escalator is two chains, which revolve around two pairs of gears. At the top of the escalator, a motor drive gear is driven to rotate the chain ring. A typical escalator uses a 100 horsepower engine to turn the gear.  Both the engine and the chain system are installed in the frame, which refers to the metal structure that extends between two floors. Unlike a conveyor belt moving one plane, the chain moves is a set of steps. The most interesting part of the escalator is the way these steps move. When the chain moves, the steps are kept to the level. At the top and bottom of the escalator, the steps fold each other to form a platform. This makes it easier to escalator up and down.